"So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do everything to the glory of God." - 1 Corinthians 10:31

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What kind of services do you provide?
We cater large events such as weddings, annual banquets, and conventions. Catering is available Monday - Saturday. Please see the first page of the menu for details on meal service. Many of your questions may be answered there.

Our amazing kuchen is available for retail sale by either contacting us directly or purchasing it at Don's House of Flowers. See more information by clicking the Kuchen tab. style=padding:10px;float:right>

Do you have order minimums?
A group size of 50 or more is generally required, however, don't hesitate to inquire about catering for smaller groups as our availability all depends on our current schedule; we may be able to accommodate your group!

Can I order just a salad or some baked goods?
Due to the high demand we receive for full-service catering, we are no longer able to fulfill small orders for pick-up similar to a deli or bakery.

However, we are proud to refer cake orders and the like to Baked With Love. Amanda, the owner, is a pastry chef and is currently working for us as a catering assistant while growing her own business and fulfilling Jamestown's need for a custom-order, small-batch sweets, treats, and cake baker!

701 557 2345

Where can you cater?
We are able to cater to most of the area's venues, plus businesses, churches, and private homes. Please check with your venue and also with us to confirm that we are able to cater at the venue of your choice before finalizing plans.

How do I book your services?
After reviewing the menu and the information here on our website, please feel free to contact us by phone or email. We'd be glad to answer any remaining questions you may have. When you are certain you'd like to book our services, we will add you to our catering calendar and keep in touch by phone and/or email regarding your event. Depending on the size and date of your event, we may ask you to sign an event agreement and/or make a deposit. Within the last 1-3 months prior to your event we can certainly set up a face-to-face consultation, if you wish, to confirm all the details!

How many people have you served?
2008~ 1,616
2009~ 3,350
2010~ 5,161
2011~ 6,861
2012~ 10,267
2013~ 15,027
2014~ 17,275
2015~ 15,502
2016~ 18,304
2017~ 14,268

Are you licensed for catering?
Yes, definitely, and Emma has also taken a manager's course in ServSafe, has attended CaterSource in Las Vegas, and has attended NDSCS's Culinary Camp. Several other employees of ours also have industry-specific training such as ServSafe certification or a culinary arts degree. Also, we were awarded the Clean Plate Award by Valley News Live!